Colorful Tuscany Expressed | Montepulciano

Many fields of vineyards can be seen from the hilltop of Montepulciano. The town is known for its wine, but it has much more to offer. I was able to browse through many different kinds of food stores selling fresh ingredients. Later on I stumbled across a particularly special ceramics shop with many colorful displays.

Wine is kept in wood barrels underground. These underground tunnels are quite extensive; I almost got lost in one of them. The buildings of Montepulciano often had gaps between them which would serve as alleyways for people to walk through. Some alleyways led to areas where the vast views of Tuscany could be seen. Definitely a great city to visit when in Tuscany, especially for wine enthusiasts. 

Brick Buildings Montepulciano 
Trees and Bench Montepulciano 
Colorful Ceramics Montepulciano 
Street View Montepulciano 
Green Door Montepulciano 
Wine Barrel Montepulciano 
Tuscany Field Views Montepulciano
Top of Building Montepulciano 
Community Montepulciano