Brown and Yellow Fields | Montalcino

We visited the town of Montalcino and the famous wine estates in the area. The first wine estate we went to was Banfi. They had an impressive estate with a high class tasting area. Cheese and bread is supplied with a glasses of select wines available for tasting. Soon after, we went to the town of Montalcino where I was able to capture a shot of a tall clock tower in front of grey clouds. There was also a bench under a tree where the lighting was too perfect not to take a photo. The vast views of the Tuscany fields could be seen from the highest areas of the town. 

Fields of Vineyards Montalcino
Banfi Glasses Wine Tasting 
Statue Montalcino
Flowers Montalcino 
Clock Tower Montalcino
Bench in Montalcino
Views from Montalcino